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Environmental Volunteering in Nicaragua

Organisation: El Perezoso Responsible Travel Agency

Country: Nicaragua

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Environmental Volunteering in Nicaragua

El Perezoso responsible travel agency has the objetive to improve local economy and life-style and at the same to protect the enviroment and stop deforestation. We beleive in responsible tourism as a way of generating local incomes by protecting green areas and being conscious of their importance.

That's why we back different kinds of enviromental activities: cleaning of beaches, recycling plastic bottles, creating art and murals with recycled objects, enviromental education in schools and rural communities, and much more.

According to the period of the year, the volunteers' Spanish level and the time they can stay in Nicaragua, we will create the volunteer schedule with you, defining activities in detail.

Our projects are based in León (quiet, safe colonial and university city, 20 km from the Pacific ocean), Granada (the best preserved town in Nicaragua) and in the North of the country (which is fresh and green). Here we collaborate with 3 rural cooperatives (in Miraflor natural reserve, Tisey Estanzuela Reserve and Bosawás reserve) which have started to promote turism as a way of sustainable development. Volunteers can helo to create path, indications, teach English to local guides, to catalogue trees and animals and much more. They can also take part to traditional daily activities, such as working in the fields, milking the cows and cooking traditional food.

You are also free to present your own proposal. All our volunteer activities can be macthed with Spanish classes in certified schools and you usually have the option of home stay.

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