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Fiji Coral Restoration Program

Organisation: Reef Explorer Fiji

Country: Fiji

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Fiji Coral Restoration Program

Our coral restoration program is based along Fiji’s beautiful Coral Coast area and is part of a larger community-based coral reef management effort being undertaken in conjunction with the traditional fishing rights owners to address the threats facing local reefs. The program aims to enhance reef ecosystem function by restoring coral populations while building coral community resilience and diversity.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more about coral reefs and community-based marine conservation efforts in Fiji while working with our Fijian team to:

  • Outplant nursery-reared corals at restoration sites,

  • Reattach wild coral colonies and large fragments found detached from the reef,

  • Restock our nurseries with newly propagate coral colonies, and

  • Conduct maintenance on our coral nurseries and at our restoration sites.

No prior experience is required, but volunteers must be aged 18 or older, comfortable swimmers, and excited about spending several hours a day in the water working on the project. All water-based activities will be conducted while snorkeling in the sheltered lagoon. Volunteers may be assigned additional activities to support our marine management activities based on their background, skills, and abilities. Project activities run from Monday to Friday with, weather permitting, roughly 2.5 to a maximum of 4 hours in the water. Weekends will be open to explore the beautiful surrounding area. Volunteers will be accommodated at our beach-side field station where they will have access to kitchen and laundry facilities, wireless internet, as well as use of our kayaks.

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    Reef Explorer, a 100% Fijian-owned company, is celebrating the 3rd International Year of Coral Reefs by offering volunteer opportunities to assist with our community-based coral restoration program. You'll learn about coral reefs and community-based marine conservation in Fiji while helping our local team to restore reef areas in their traditional fishing ground. Based from our beach-side field station, you'll enjoy experiencing island life while exploring the local culture and our beautiful surroundings. You'll soon see why Fiji is known as "The way the world should be"!

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