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Humane Dog and Cat Population Management in Mexico.

Organisation: Animal Experience International

Country: Mexico

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development

Humane Dog and Cat Population Management in Mexico.

The large number of feral dogs and cats living on city streets is a global problem.  Starvation and disease result in an average life span of only one to two years. Dogs in particular pose a public health danger through bites and transmission of rabies to people. AEI's partner in Mexico is facing this problem head on. Their mission is to reduce the pet overpopulation problem through an ethical and humane program. This organization focuses their efforts on three main objectives. Their educational campaign promotes responsible pet ownership and targets school-aged children and the general public. Their spay and neuter clinics offer low cost pet sterilization to members of the community. In three years, their Pedigree sponsored adoption program has meant more than 1,000 dogs and cats have received immediate veterinary care and foster homes. To date, more than 700 animals have found both responsible and appropriate forever homes. While this groups needs assistance right now, in the next year they will be opening their own veterinary hospital and will need help with it's building, maintenance and of course veterinary tasks! This Placement Partner is an intrepid supporter of groups who promote compassionate and responsible ownership of pit bulls. While volunteering you will be able to help groups that are putting an end to fighting and breed specific legislation through education and responsible training! Whether your interests are in education, veterinary medicine, or providing support for an excellent organization that is changing lives in Mexico, your help is needed today!  

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