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Volunteer at the LCTW Wildlife Hospital!

Organisation: Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre

Country: Laos

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Medical & Health Care

Volunteer at the LCTW Wildlife Hospital!

We believe that interning with us would give students and graduates a huge variety of valuable skills and experiences in wildlife medicine. The diversity of wildlife and taxa housed at Lao Zoo provides a very engaging caseload. The variety of situations, whether it is treating an outpatient in our sanctuary or a critical confiscated inpatient from the illegal wildlife trade, ensures volunteers here will see and experience many unique veterinary cases. Our volunteers have to test all aspects of their knowledge here as there isn’t always access to the latest veterinary tools and diagnostics, and extrapolate their basic veterinary knowledge and skills to a large range of species.

Students in their final year or already graduated  are able to complete their practical placement requirements with references from our staff.  At our centre, volunteers have the opportunity to be trained in proper wildlife husbandry and care, as well as assist our resident veterinarian on a case-by-case basis. Daily duties of our vet volunteers include: caring for animals in quarantine and hospital areas; shadowing our veterinarian on a daily basis; performing daily health check rounds of over 500 animals; providing treatment to any current inpatients and outpatients; and assisting our resident veterinarian with any emergency cases and surgeries.

Message us for more information, or check out our website to see the work our Wildlife Hospital is doing! 

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    The Laos Conservation Trust for Wildlife (LCTW) is the first and only wildlife rescue, conservation, and education centre in Lao PDR. We work with Lao authorities to rescue and release as many native species back into a life in the wild, and are involved in many global conservation and educational programmes. We have just under 500 animals under our wing, including macaques, gibbons, bears, leopard cats, binturongs, civets, and many others. At the LCTW, we facilitate individual and group research projects in areas such as behavior, nutrition, husbandry, and also studies monitoring the illegal wildlife trade and our rehabilitation processes.

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    The LCTW is the first and only wildlife rescue, conservation, and education centre in Lao PDR. We actively rescue, rehabilitate and release native species back into a life in the wild while being involved in global conservation and education programmes! With just under 500 animals to care for, we need volunteers' help to feed, clean, and enrich our residents! Our volunteers get to help with the development of turning the national Lao Zoo into a world-class rescue centre by building new enclosures, renovating old enclosures, and general maintenance around the centre! Come get your hands dirty with us!

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  • Volunteer at the LCTW Wildlife Hospital!

    At the LCTW we currently care for a huge variety of species numbering just under 500 animals! We currently run a wildlife hospital for the residents of the Lao Zoo and LCTW, which includes rescued patients from the illegal wildlife trade here in Laos. We always have at least one Veterinarian whom volunteers will be working with. The diversity of wildlife and taxa housed at Lao Zoo, mostly consisting of native South East Asian species and partly comprised of wildlife from other continents provides a very engaging caseload for any volunteers interested in the wildlife veterinary field.

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