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Javan slow loris behavioural observations in Indonesia

Organisation: Little Fireface Project

Country: Indonesia

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Javan slow loris behavioural observations in Indonesia

Slow lorises are a unique group of primates found throughout South and Southeast Asia. Their vice-like grip, snake-like movements, shy nature, and most remarkably, their venomous bite, make them unique amongst the primates. They also are to many people undeniably adorable, and to others, nature’s answer to over 100 diseases. Their slow movements make them easy prey to expert hunters who literally empty the forests of these shy primates – amongst the most common mammals seen in Asia’s illegal animal markets, but amongst the rarest spotted even in Asia’s best protected forests.

The Little Fireface Project, named after the Sundanese word for loris, is the world’s longest running loris conservation project, started in 1993, under the auspices of the Nocturnal Primate Research Group of Oxford Brookes University. Our research was highlighted in the award winning 2012 film Jungle Gremlins of Java. We aim to save lorises from extinction through learning more about their ecology and using this information to educate local people and law enforcement officers, leading  to empathy and empowerment whereby people in countries where lorises exist will want to save them for themselves. This is done through education, media, workshops and  classroom programmes. Our education does not stop in range countries, but also reaches out to potential western purchasers of loris pets.

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  • Javan slow loris behavioural observations in Indonesia

    Become a part of the first and longest-running study on slow lorises in beautiful West Java, Indonesia with the Little Fireface Project. Slow lorises are the only venomous primates and the Javan slow loris is currently critically endangered. Volunteers are needed to aid in our nocturnal data collection on Javan slow loris behaviour and ranging patterns. Data from our project has already helped to shape public policy internationally to help keep slow lorises in the wild and away from the illegal pet trade. So come join the LFP team and help us save the slow loris.

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