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Join Us on a Dolphin Conservation Program in Montenegro

Organisation: Marine Mammals Research Association DMAD

Country: Montenegro

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Join Us on a Dolphin Conservation Program in Montenegro

When it comes to dolphin conservation,nothing is as essential as joint effort with no boundaries. Come on board and BE THE CHANGE for good reasons!

The Montenegro Dolphin Project is the first long term research study of dolphins in Montenegrin waters. We aim to address questions about marine mammals abundance, distribution and behaviour, to define critical habitats and investigate the impact of major threats. In addition to our research effort, our attention also focuses on the promotion and implementation of awareness initiatives targeted at the local communities, particularly youth.

Tasks during the program include the following: 
performing land/boat-based surveys, collecting dolphin sighting and behaviour data as well as anthropogenic data, operating theodolite and managing its software “Pythagoras”, handling data entry and analysis,conducting photo-identification of bottlenose and striped dolphins, organizing and leading events, lectures, conferences, dolphin watch tours for stakeholders.

Program Highlights

  • Witness the unspoilt  landscapes of Montenegro, which include black mountains, national parks, crystal clear lakes, and more!
  • Engage in a variety of activities in the beautiful and relaxing outdoors of Montenegro.
  • Participate in lectures, workshops and field work training, as well as receive constant mentoring.
  • Join a team of international students and researchers in a one-time opportunity to gain important scientific data and develop conservation skills in marine mammal research.
  • Get the chance to conduct your own scientific project, helping you develop into a better and more skilled field researcher.

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  • Join Us on a Dolphin Conservation Program in Montenegro

    Marine Mammals Research Association works mainly on scientific research on marine mammals, with the aim of contributing to marine biodiversity protection and conservation through a range of related activities. We also strive to increase awareness of the significance of protecting the environment and of practicing green consciousness. We organize projects in various countries, and invite interns and volunteers to join our researchers. We see the need to educate local communities and then come up with effective management/conservation actions to uphold marine biodiversity, which is facing great threats. These generally include pollution, habitat destruction,vessel traffic and over exploitation of marine resources.

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