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La Mesa-Cundinamarca, Medical/Nursing/Therapy/Dental Program

Organisation: La Piedra de La Monja

Country: Colombia

Type: Humanitarian & Community Development, Medical & Health Care

La Mesa-Cundinamarca, Medical/Nursing/Therapy/Dental Program

Medical Volunteers will be able to help with procedures such as: measurement of  weight, height, vital signs, accompany doctors on rounds and consultations in different areas within the hospital. Patients seen daily vary from 200-300 people. Nurses will have the opportunity to participate actively in all areas and levels within the hospital, community and family. From updating protocols to direct nursing care.

In 'Brigades Health, doctors and nurses have the opportunity to help the community in the control of vital signs, height, weight, immunization, dental, optometry, nutrition  assessments and help to provide education programs within the municipal health system. In the area of ​​therapy, therapists have the opportunity to assist staff with the rehabilitation of inpatients and outpatients.

If you are a student or graduate of a dental programme, you will have the opportunity to assess, participate, and have your hands on different procedures under the supervision of a professional. The average patients per professional per day is 27, 2 dentists and one hygienist. About 1000 per month. With the help and support of volunteers we could make more frequent campaigns of oral health and improve the oral status of the population.

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