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Agriculture and crafts service volunteer positions

Organisation: Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

Country: United States of America

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development

Agriculture and crafts service volunteer positions

Coworkers are invited to live and work in our community, while receiving room, board, and for those who commit to a year or more of service, a monthly stipend. Work options include maintaining family households, participating in one of our craft workshops (weavery, pottery, mosaic workshop, and fiber arts), helping in our organic bakery or cafe, or tending our bio-dynamic gardens, orchard and dairy farm. The village fosters a strong cultural life of festivals, music, and art and is located one hour west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the eastern United States.

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  • Agriculture and crafts service volunteer positions

    Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is a vibrant farming and handcrafting community that includes adults with developmental disabilities. Kimberton Hills residents, living and working side by side, create a dynamic and caring community for people of all ages and varied abilities. Located on 432 acres of farm, gardens and woodlands in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Kimberton Hills is also a local center for culture and a model for sound ecological living.

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  • Apprentice on a sustainable, biodynamic farm

    Share life on a biodynamic dairy farm alongside adults with special needs.

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