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Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute - Marine Conservation

Organisation: Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute

Country: Madagascar

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute - Marine Conservation

Volunteers receive comprehensive training which includes identification training for marine wildlife, including turtles, fish, corals and invertebrates. Volunteers are also taught the methodology of coral baseline survey, which is a universal approach to monitoring the state of coral reefs

MRCI's Marine program includes:

  • Reef Survey Program – monitoring biodiversity and growth of reef systems surrounding Nosy Komba 
  • ORI Fish Tagging Project – gathering information on fish movement patterns, growth rates, mortality rates and population dynamics of our important line fish species. 
  • Marlin & Sailfish Fin Sampling Program – Marlin and Sailfish fin samples are collected for an international database to further strengthen “genetic markers” that assist in enforcing seafood regulations. 
  • Water Sampling Program – collection of water samples to assess regional differences in sea waters elemental composition. 
  • Turtle Monitoring – collect data on the populations of marine turtles with the aim to establish an annual population census, determining the frequency and population strength of the varying species which visit. 

To participate in SCUBA activities, a dive certification is required. PADI Dive training and certification is available onsite at MRCI for an additional fee. 

The Turtle Cove Research Facility is situated on the Northern Side of Nosy Komba Island, North West Madagascar, and consists of a main lodge with a dining and deck area that is used at meal times, for meetings, lectures and general relaxation. Volunteers are provided with with three meals per day and drinking water. Additional refreshments can be purchased at our onsite tuckshop. 

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