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Marine Conservation Cambodia

Organisation: Marine Conservation Cambodia

Country: Cambodia

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Who we are is a fairly simple question to answer. Marine Conservation Cambodia's volunteer and internship program came to be simply out of necessity. The rate in which the Cambodian waters and local fishing communities were being destroyed was unprecedented. It was not inconceivable that the fishing industry and livelihood of the fisherman would have vanished in 10 years. If this had happened it would have been more than a loss of income for these families. It would also have been the loss of a significant and fundamental part of their culture, potentially forever. 

The practices used for fishing were getting ever more destructive as fish stocks plummeted and the demand for sea products increased. From dynamite fishing, cyanide fishing, electric fishing, to the massive trawling nets that destroy everything without discretion. It simply needed to be stopped, so put together marine research and marine conservation and thats what we do.

Marine Conservation Cambodia and the volunteers that have joined us along the way, have made a huge impact in protecting Cambodian waters but many of these destructive practices are still happening. Our work at Marine Conservation Cambodia and the work of our volunteers and interns continues and we are here to make that big difference that is so desperately needed.

Our Seahorse Research was recently featured in National Geographic

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  • Marine Conservation Cambodia

    Volunteering and Academic internships in Marine Conservation and Marine Research, Cambodia's most experienced and leading Marine Conservation internship and volunteer project. Our Main Focus is Seahorses, but we also cover Seagrass and Coral Reef research. Together with local authorities we actively patrol and protect the Marine Resources around our Island, tackling illegal fishing and working directly with the local communities to preserve local marine habitats, marine life and the livelihoods of local small-scale family fishermen.

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