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Marine Research in Mozambique

Organisation: Mozdivers - Zavora Marine Lab.

Country: Mozambique

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Marine Research in Mozambique

Zavora Marine Lab has made fantastic progress towards the understanding of our marine environment, including discovering new species and range extensions of known species. Currently projects are manta ray population, humpback whale monitoring, sea horse monitoring, nudibranch research and articial reef colonization.

Volunteer Research Projects

MANTA RESEARCH – We are monitoring our population of manta ray using photo-identification and parallell lasers techniques. Our database includes over 400 manta rays.

NUDIBRANCH RESEARCH – The objective of this project is to assess the diversity of nudibranchs, to solve species complex and describe new species.

HUMPBACK WHALE MONITORING – During whale season we do land and boat survey to evaluate trends on humpback whale population.

SEA HORSE MONITORING – together with many other international organizations we are take part of this global efforts to understand and protect sea horses. We conduct monthly survey in Barra Lagoon.

WRECK COLONIZATION – We are following up the colonization of a new wreck sank in our areas in 2013. 

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION – we conduct monthly and weekly environmental activities such as underwater clean up, beach clean up, activities at school and biology field experiences.

Other Projects by this Organisation

  • Marine Research in Mozambique

    Mozdivers / Zavora Marine Lab. was established in 2009 to promote and facilitate research and conservation in southern Mozambique. Since inception our lab has developed vital research for the region and raised environmental awareness through educational programs with local communities and visitors to the area.

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