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Organisation: Aldeas de Paz

Country: Dominican Republic

Type: Humanitarian & Community Development, Medical & Health Care


Gain invaluable hands-on experience, working side by side with medical staff and fellow volunteers at a hospital or a neighborhood health clinic. This opportunity will give you an insight into the day to day running of a hospital or clinic. You will experience the stark contrast between western medical practice and the realities of medicine in developing countries. As the hospitals and clinics are still modernizing there are many challenges faced and there are realities not often seen in developed countries. Therefore, this project not only provides you with responsibility, it also allows you to broaden your perspective by working at a hospital/health clinic in a developing country where you will be faced with the stark realities of the disparities between medical practice in the developed and developing world. This means that, sadly, you will also see medical conditions that have remained untreated and have developed to an advanced pathological stage uncommon in developed countries. Furthermore, you can gain experience in a range of different departments and activities within the hospital, such as: Emergency, Pediatry, Maternity (only female volunteers), Diabetes and Integral Attention & Prevention for HIV, Tuberculosis and Uterine Cancer as well as Nursing, Hospital administration and management assisting with accountancy and helping with statistics. There is also the possibility to work in the pharmacy.   Your level of possible involvement will largely depend on your Spanish language skills and experiences in the field, as well as your motivation and willingness to get involved. It will also depend on the current needs and tasks at the hospital as we really want to help out wherever our help is needed most.

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