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Moreton Bay Dolphin Research Project

Organisation: Dolphin Research Australia

Country: Australia

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Moreton Bay Dolphin Research Project

You'll have a hands-on experience working as part for the research team and assist in increasing the knowledge and improving conservation efforts of dolphins and our worlds oceans. The research is based at North Stradbroke Island where you'll be based for one-two weeks for the research expeditions. Come along to learn, experience, contribute and enjoy the world of dolphins.

This project offers a unique learning experience for those passionate about dolphins and the marine environment who want to contribute to increasing knowledge, awareness and improving conservation efforts.  Coastal dolphin populations are amongst the most vulnerable marine species due to their tendency to remain in localised areas and high exposure to human activities.  Two dolphin species call the Moreton Bay Marine Park home all year round; the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin and the Near Threatened Australian Humpback Dolphin. 

The research project focuses on these species and aims to assess and monitor the abundance and health of these populations in the Moreton Bay Marine Park and South East Queensland region.  Volunteers have the opportunity to join the research team and have a hands-on and participatory experience working one-on-one with leading scientist Dr Liz Hawkins from the marine conservation charity Dolphin Research Australia during boat-based surveys.  Volunteers will assist to collect behavioural information, photographs and acoustics of dolphins during the expeditions.  The research outcomes provide important information on the ecology of the species, their health and informs conservation planning and management to ensure the protection of the animals and their habitats for the future. Expeditions are offered for one to two week durations and volunteers are based at the Moreton Bay Research Station.  Research expeditions are being offered between May and September in 2015.

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