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Mother Nature Environmental Conservation Camp in Zanzibar

Organisation: World Unite!

Country: Tanzania

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Mother Nature Environmental Conservation Camp in Zanzibar

In the tropical rain forest of paradise island Zanzibar you can join a variety of conservation activities.

If you love animals and nature and would like to involve into the conservation of the island’s unique flora and fauna, this project is ideal for you!

The activities include:

Protection of Red Colobus Monkeys: Help to keep the monkeys away from local farms by implementing animal friendly methods to protect the local farmer’s fruit and veg.

Protection of Reptiles: Guide tourists and school children through a local reptile park and provide information about the featured animals.

Environmental Education for Kids: Teach local children about sustainable practices like waste recycling, solar energy, composting and keyhole gardening! You can also teach English and other subjects to children at local schools and nurseries.

Eco Tourism Activities: Help a local tourism initiative to set up sustainable and eco friendly activities for tourists, including kayaking in the mangroves or bicycle tours along the tropical rainforest.

You can either focus on one activity or combine several activities. During your first days you will join a project orientation where you will get a chance to see the various activities. You can then flexibly join the activities that interest you most!

Together with fellow volunteers will live in a comfortable camp in the rain forest.

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