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Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, Kenya


Country: Kenya

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, Kenya

Project Profile

The Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary was founded by the community to counter human and wildlife conflict between Mwaluganje and Shimba Hills national parks in coastal part of Kenya. The local people have mostly been affected and disturbed by the growing movement of the wildlife, giving up part of their land in the area to the elephants.

Since this project started, it has accommodated up to 300 community members and also attracted about 30 volunteers both local and international. Almost all community members have in some way recognized the importance of nature and its biological diversity has upon them and the need to maintain it.

Volunteers and the community alike have been working hand in hand to protect local wildlife and nature. They have already achieved positive results in limiting human and wildlife conflict.

Project aim

  • To reduce human and elephant conflict within the region.
  • Ensuring that communities involved in elephant protection  and environmental conservation benefit through ecotourism activities

Project activities

  • Desnaring 
  • Conservation Education program to the communities
  • Learning /Taking Part in Elephant Dung paper initiative
  • Tree planting program
  • Taking part in Lobbying & Awareness in community on wildlife
  • Initiating wildlife conservation activities

Nearby attractions volunteers can visit:

  • Shimba Hills National Park
  • Sheldricks Falls

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