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Organic Farming Volunteers in Vietnam

Organisation: Vina Volunteer Service

Country: Vietnam

Type: Agriculture & Forestry


Are you looking for a new travel style? Do you want to gain an insight into Vietnam? Do you want to experience volunteer work in organic farming abroad?

We are here to hear what you expect so that we offer you a project called “Volunteer Vietnam in organic farming”. The project site is located among a variety of fields and  organic farms such as: rice paddy field, corn, mixed farms with many kind of fruits. We will run suitable activities for participants due to certain growing season . There are so many people who living in the countryside, growing their own food, selling agricultural products, and developing market in the local area. Volunteering and living with a local family is a fascinating way to immerse yourself  in a new culture and experience life like a local . Your contribution means a lot to local community.


  • Staying with indigenous people as well as experiencing authentic local culture
  • Being in homestay and helping local people do some farm works such as planning &  harvesting vegetables, cutting grass, fishing on the river, collecting snails on the rice field and tending water buffalos.
  • Immerse yourself in natural beauty
  • Having fun with a variety of culture shows during the years.
  • Enjoy tranquil settings of Vietnam countryside
  • Experiencing warm hospitality of our host family
  • Practicing Vietnamese with locals is a great way to learn Vietnamese first-hand.

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