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Permaculture and Green Building at Ecotrancoso, Brazil, Bahia

Organisation: ecotrancoso

Country: Brazil

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Manual work & Construction

Permaculture and Green Building at Ecotrancoso, Brazil, Bahia

We offer 3 different types of project:

– Permaculture Design Course
– Training for eco-volunteers as a way to transform volunteering into knowledge acquisition and practice
– Internship for students involved in domains related to sustainability and architecture 

Ecotrancoso focuses on tropical Permaculture and since 2011 we have faced the challenge of rehabilitating a land which has been depleted. We already experience after few years of involvement in a rapid ecosystem succession, the intense pleasure of seeing a young forest growing. A forest made mainly of fruit trees, fertilizing trees (leguminous), wind breakers, soil breakers (for giving back respiration to the soil) and timber trees. This young forest nurtures an understory of crops and more it goes more the soil recovers and the spectrum of edible plants increases.

The green building practice includes:

– Adobe bricks making

– Wall construction in Adobe

– Finish using sustainable materials including clay and sand

– Painting using sustainable materials

– Working with wood (mortise, ankles, …)

– Ferro-cement (technique to build tank structure using 10 times less cement than classical construction)

– Brown and gray water recycling, solar heating system, solar oven, rain water management and more

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