Portugal: Circus for All!

Country: Portugal,
Type: Humanitarian & Community Development , Teaching & Education, Working with children,

Contribute to the inclusive project "One for All" where through music, dramatic expression and circus, people with disabilities promote personal, social, motor and cognitive skills.

Concordia is a not-for-profit charity promoting intercultural understanding, international peace & volunteer opportunities.

Work: volunteers will accompany, practise, learn and teach young people and adults with disabilities some circus performances, together with supervisors and teachers, and support all the dimensions of their performance before, during and after the Youth Festival of Circus. Besides the artistic and supporting tasks, participants will also be asked to decorate the space for the Festival making sure it is accessible for everyone (for example with mobility problems).

Accommodation/Food Breakfast will be provided at the accommodation (school) by the monitors and a rotating team among the participants. Lunch will be delivered by a catering restaurant and dinner will be served at the accommodation.

Why we recommend: Are you passionate about supporting people with disability to feel include in artistic performances? You will play a key role in supporting young people and adults to perform in the Festival or Circus and learn more about this fascinating art!


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