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Proyecto Caraya - Centre for Rescue, Rehabilitation and Conservation of Primates

Organisation: Proyecto Caraya

Country: Argentina

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Proyecto Caraya - Centre for Rescue, Rehabilitation and Conservation of Primates

We rescue several species of monkeys, many of which were poached as infants and sold as pets. Often drugged and domesticated, we teach them how to be monkeys again. Through our three-stage rehabilitation and socialization program, our ultimate hope is to repatriate them to their natural habitat.



Ø    Feeding and care of the monkeys 

Ø    Observation, study and data input of the free social groups 

Ø    Attention and care of the orphan monkeys 

Ø    Cleaning and maintenance of the areas in the centre 

Ø    Construction and repairs to the refuge and airways 

Ø    Assisting in the capture and handling of the monkeys 

Ø    Working in the tree plantation for the monkeys (only in wintertime) 

Ø    Washing the monkey plates 

Ø    Cleaning of the volunteer’s dormitories and toilets  

Ø    Care of other animals: beside the monkeys, there are also a number of domestic and other wild animals that we care for: dogs, cats, geese, horses, llamas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, and chickens.


Ø     Love for animals and the desire to protect them. 

Ø     To possess no fear of animals, especially not of dogs, because there are plenty!

Ø     It’s not necessary to be a university or high school student. 

Ø     Patience and dedication are required. 

Working Hours

The work at the centre takes place during the whole year, every day of the week.  Caring for primates is from 9am to 6-8pm, more or less.


2 week   = 700 USD for person 

3 week   = 900 USD for person

1 month =   1000 USD for person

2 month = 1800 USD for person

3 month = 2000 USD for person

*For a stay longer than 3 months, you can make special arrangements with the volunteer coordinator. 

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