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Reforestation Project Volunteer

Organisation: EcoSwell

Country: Peru

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development

Reforestation Project Volunteer

About the programme:

Greening is not easy in an arid land where lack of water is a main issue, and many public efforts to do so in the past have not been successful. This is why the “Green Lobitos” project, designed in early 2015 by our insightful intern Dave Smith, directly involves fishermen families, as well as public entities and private companies in a community initiative aiming to recover the Peruvian dry forest sustainably through the application of permaculture principles.

EcoSwell has achieved the commitment of 32 leaders, mainly women, which have been empowered to raise environmental awareness in their neighborhoods by reforesting public space, utilizing in-house waste and water reuse methods. Together, they have planted and are consistently taking care of more than 70 seedlings, some of which have already grown into full-sized trees. During 2017, the number of families involved will scale up to 45, and the adopted trees will surpass 100. The project currently impacts the members of 32 fishermen families.

Your role as a volunteer:

We are looking for volunteers/interns to help out with the house-to-house visits, engaging new families, educating them on the reuse techniques, monitoring the project results and, of course, helping to plant new seedlings and protect them with reused material. An intermediate level of spanish would be preferable but is not a requirement, as there are many hands-on activities that also require support. Volunteers will have the to chance to get involved in other EcoSwell projects/activities as well.

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