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Rhino Protection and Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project

Organisation: The Savannah Africa

Country: South Africa

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Rhino Protection and Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project

The Savannah Africa’s first “volunteer” project began in 2003 as a 2-week Experience Centered Seminar.  Over the years, we have grown and diversified.  In 2013 we launched The Savannah Africa’s revolutionary Rhino Protection and Wildlife Conservation Volunteer project –which directly involves learners and volunteers in the care, protection, study and preservation of critically endangered White Rhinos; with the ultimate goal of opening a Rhino orphanage and also focus on other areas in our environment and wild life with conservation efforts. We are a team of passionate conservationists, offering like-minded individuals an unrivalled opportunity to work, learn and enjoy nature with us.  Nestled on a private game reserve in the world’s oldest and largest asteroid impact structure, the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, we are extremely proud of our unique and diverse ecosystem.  It is our responsibility to preserve what we have and want to share that with volunteers:

  • Rhino breeding and protection
  • Indigenous game conservation
  • Habitat management
  • Protecting our Vaal River

We are actively involved in our community on a number of levels.  We also believe that our education programs play a big part in the protection and preservation of our environment and wildlife.

Focus areas for volunteers:

  • Vaal River and Islands Management
  • Habitat Management
  • Wildlife Management
  • Eco Farming
  • Hostorical & Geological sites
  • Community projects
  • Rhino workshop
  • Rhino, fence and veld patrol

Other Projects by this Organisation

  • Rhino Protection and Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project

    Our unique volunteer project is based in South Africa in the world's oldest and largest impact crater. Our conservation efforts stretch from wildlife management to eco-farming. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about game reserve management and improve their knowledge and skills. In helping us do research and collecting data, volunteers will contribute to future development and ultimately be involved in building our Rhino orphanage. We strive for conservation, education and the community.

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