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RSEC Winter and Summer Academy

Organisation: Red Sea Environmental Centre

Country: Egypt

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

RSEC Winter and Summer Academy


Simply having a relaxed time abroad, meeting other students, getting to know a new culture, going for nice dives in the Red Sea and learning new things about the unique coral reef habitat. All of this and even more is waiting for if you join one of our RSEC-Projects. The winter- and summer academies we offer are designed as biological courses with practical workshops which provide you with a lot of exciting topics and knowledge about the coral reef and its inhabitants. The projects in which you will play an active part, not only in research, but as well in the development of new ideas and topics will last at least 5 weeks and, of course you are welcome to stay longer as well. Your participation will be comparable to a traineeship or practical training for which you can also get a certification for example for your university. 


16. July – 20. August 2016 Summer Academy I

8. October – 12. November 2016 Summer Academy II

10. December 2016 – 14. January 2017 Winter Academy I

5-weeks academy (marine biology course and workshop) exclusive for students! Package including accommodation, airport shuttles, 1 boat trip, trip to Nabq protectorate (mangroves) 950,- € for 5 weeks with 35 dives (snorkeller 560 €) or 850,- € for 4 weeks with 30 dives (Snorkeller 510 €).

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  • RSEC Winter and Summer Academy

    Our RSEC Academy is a five-week program for students (divers or snorkelers) filled with marine biology courses, short conservation projects and methods and workshops on choosable topics. All volunteering work and course contents will mostly deal with the unique Coral Reefs of the Red Sea.

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  • Dahab Reef Monitoring (extended Reef Check)

    Coral Reefs are under threat worldwide, including the Red Sea. Volunteers can help make a difference by learning more about coral reefs and collecting valuable data to establish the state of coral reefs, together with a professional staff and other like-minded volunteers. Conservation volunteering is available for 5 weeks or more (long-term volunteers) or for 2 weeks, suitable for divers and snorkelers as well as for students and non-students.

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