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Rural Village Health Initiative. Rural Mobile Health Clinics Volunteers.

Organisation: Child Aid Development Foundation International

Country: Cameroon

Type: Medical & Health Care

Rural Village Health Initiative. Rural Mobile Health Clinics Volunteers.

CADFIN seeks to bring healthcare to the villagers to consult nurse practitioners and doctors and receive health screenings- blood pressure ,diabetes and wellness education addressing the village health concerns such as Maternal Health, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria together with a more focused cultural immersion component embedded throughout the Health Fair event. Medical Students volunteers under the supervision of local attending physicians, will assist in conducting physical examinations, consult patient’s medical history and do diagnoses.

Volunteer tasks include:

  1. Assisting in preparing health education materials ,
  2. Sorting medication and medical supplies,
  3. Helping healthcare providers at registration,
  4. Take vital signs ,
  5. Intake patient complaint,
  6. Sitting alongside licensed doctors and professionals to hear and learn about common health issues and the impact of the project.

A typical mobile clinic day starts in the morning with setting up the various stations, and lasting usually around 6.pm. Expect patients showing up after hours with emergencies. The mobile medical clinic setup usually has : registration, triage/pre consultation,  physician consultation, pharmacy/medication, and patient education and patients referrals to hospitals in the city for those  needing specialized medical treatment. Volunteers rotate between the stations each clinic day to experience the different aspects of the mobile medical clinic.

CADFIN is in need of Volunteers to help at mobile health clinics in rural villages. No special knowledge or skills are required to volunteer in the mobile health clinics.

 Rural Village Health Mobile Clinics: Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals Volunteers Needed: Doctors & Medical Students, Dentists & Dental Students, Nurses & Nursing Students, Pharmacists & Pharmacy Students, medical missions abroad, medical mobile clinics, maternal health, health education, public health, disease prevention, rural healthcare access, global health, tropical medicines. They will work with a very dedicated team of local doctors and health professionals working endlessly with very little resources to meet the everyday challenge of providing medical care in very resource poor settings.

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