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Sanitation Initatives Internship

Organisation: EcoSwell

Country: Peru

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Sanitation Initatives Internship

In 2016, EcoSwell installed a biodigester at the Community Hall of the Lobitos Artisanal Fishermen's Association in order to treat the building's wastewater and prevent it from continuously adding to the underground and above-ground pollution of the local ecosystem.

The Biodigester is now working adequately and it is allowing for reuse of the treated wastewater for below-ground drip irrigation of nearby green areas of the Community Hall, as well as separating the sediment from the wastewater for reuse as fertilizer. This project can keep improving and there are several activities in which the intern could get involved with, including:

  • Extending more underground pipes for drip irrigation of larger areas, according to the specifications of the fabricant and the capacity of the Biodigester.
  • Connecting the next door community security building to the Biodigester, calculating requirements and capacity accordingly.
  • Appropriate maintenance of the equipment and reuse of the treated wastewater and sediments.
  • Involvement in other sanitation solutions currently being explored and developed by EcoSwell and volunteers, including dry toilets.

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