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Save the Wild Chinchillas, Inc

Organisation: Database

Country: Chile

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Save the Wild Chinchillas, Inc

SWC's goal is to ensure that these endangered animals do not become extinct. In order to meet this goal they have the following objectives: educate people of all ages, collect funds to protect existing habitat, regenerate disturbed habitat, and create awareness in the local communities.  SWC recently concluded an exchange agreement with the people of a local rural community. This is to provide employment for the locals in the project's work and fodder for their livestock in return for use of 200 hectares as a chinchilla preserve. They are seeking grant funding to permit temporary fencing and restoration of the habitat. Fencing will exclude grazing animals (goats, horses, and cattle) while allowing entry of small animals such as octodon degus,  chinchillas etc. Unless active conservation measures are taken, these animals may become extinct in as little as 25 years. Volunteers are welcome to work with them to save this little creature on a field project near Illapel, Chile. Work involves planting, constructing fencing and observing wildlife.  It is useful but not necessary to know carpentry and speak Spanish. Volunteers should be physically fit and able to withstand working on steep slopes during hot days, and cold nights.  Volunteers would have to provide their own airfare to Chile.  However, simple accommodation can be provided for free, or for a small fee if volunteers live in a nearby hostel.  Volunteers will have to pay for their food. Whilst on the project, volunteers will be able to learn basic field research methods, GIS and GPS techniques, as well as learning about the environment and the conservation of wildlife and habitat of animals.  There are also some other possibilities for office fundraising and translation work and working in the plant nursery. For more information, contact Amy Deane.

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