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Science Communication Internship

Organisation: Monteverde Butterfly Garden

Country: Costa Rica

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Science Communication Internship

The Monteverde Butterfly Gardens has been a successful nature exhibit for over 20 years!   We use an informal and hands on approach to teaching people about how cool bugs really are. Volunteers from all over the world are trained to guide people through 4 butterfly habitats, a leaf cutter ant colony and a collection of live insects from Costa Rica. The Monteverde Butterfly Gardens works hard everyday to develop understanding and tolerance towards the many different arthropods we have living on the planet.

What you do:

● 1 hour English tours through our gardens and insect collection. You don’t need

experience or prior knowledge of insects; we will take care of training you.

● From 7:45 to 5pm you will work on facility maintenance, butterfly breeding, and tours!

● You can expect to give 1-4 tours a day

● You will work 5 days a week and volunteer a half day at the local public library

Who we are looking for:

● An outgoing, flexible and positive attitude!

● A hard worker who is committed to science education

● Someone willing to give up technology (for the most part) and really get into in the

amazing nature around them

● A passion for nature

● Spanish is not necessary, though it is always helpful; any other second languages are

also appreciated

● We teach science, and you must be comfortable talking to people about evolution

● The gardens are located in the mountains, therefore a certain level of physical ability is

needed, not for the job but for getting around town.

What you get:

● In return for Volunteering with us, we will house you and feed you! You will live in our off-gird volunteer house and enjoy fresh local Costa Rican food

● Two months experience in Education and Outreach

● Knowledge about neo-tropical insects and arachnids

● Amazing birding/wildlife viewing opportunities

Internships can lead to full time payed jobs for people willing to relocate to Costa Rica.

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