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Sea Turtle Conservation & Creative Recycling in Zanzibar

Organisation: World Unite!

Country: Tanzania

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Sea Turtle Conservation & Creative Recycling in Zanzibar

Right at a beautiful tropical beach on paradise island Zanzibar, you can join a variety of environmental conservation activities:

Sea Turtle Conservation:

Sea turtles are an endangered species and their population is constantly declining. A local turtle conservation sanctuary is dedicated to protect the endangered animals from extinction. You will help to nurse and treat injured sea turtles, collect sea weed at the beach and feed the turtles, clean the lagoon and regularly help to weigh and measure the turles. From time to time, the sanctuary staff also collects turtle eggs and relocates them to a natural aquarium. The turtles are grown and finally released to the ocean. In the wild, turtles have a mere 1% survival rate from egg to sexual maturity, while at the aquarium the survival rate is much higher.

Creative Recycling & Upcycling:

In Zanzibar, plastic waste is a growing concern. To raise awareness for waste reduction among the local population, our volunteers create useful and decorative everyday items from waste materials, such as storage containers made from plastic bottles or cute living accessories from colourful bottle caps. You can bring in your own creative ideas for new upcycled objects! In a keyhole garden constructed according to permaculture techniques, our volunteers can grow their own herbs and vegetables. 

You will work in the project from Monday – Friday and our project coordinator will plan a range of volunteering activities for you and your fellow volunteers. On weekends, you will have enough time to explore the island!

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