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Sea turtle conservation in Thailand

Organisation: Naucrates

Country: Thailand

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Sea turtle conservation in Thailand

Naucrates conservation project is based on Phra Thong Island, South Thailand. For the last 20 years the Naucrates research team has been working on sea turtle, mangrove and coral reef conservation. There are varied conservation efforts and projects, but we call our project Sea turtle conservation project as it is our main focus. The sea turtle nesting numbers are quite low, but we have not given up hope that the numbers will come back in the future and it is always important to raise the awareness of these endangered species and keep protecting them and their nests.

The project fieldwork is carried out every year. The season will start on 15th December and run until 30th March.

Naucrates needs support from participants who are interested in sea turtles, nature, Thai wildlife and conservation to help monitor sea turtle nesting beaches, observe sea turtle behaviour, survey the reef, raise awareness among tourists and local businesses, to enjoy the beauty of a tropical and remote island and to work actively towards the preservation of the amazing environment.

Main activities of the project are:

  • sea turtle nesting beach monitoring every morning
  • sea turtle behavioral observation in the sea
  • weather data collection
  • beach profiling
  • reef survey (Jan-Feb)
  • environmental education
  • awareness raising

Contribution: 795€/2 weeks including boat transfer to the island, accommodation, food and training

Internships are available from 4 weeks with special pricing. For families shorter period of 1 week is available with special price.

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    Our sea turtle conservation project has been running for over 20 years on Phra Thong Island in Thailand. We focus on in-situ protection of the sea turtle nests on the beaches of Koh Phra Thong and Ko Ra, but the project has many other activities like reef survey, turtle behavioral observation, environmental education and awareness and other wildlife surveys.

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