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Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Nicaragua

Organisation: El Perezoso Responsible Travel Agency

Country: Nicaragua

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Sea Turtle Volunteer Project, Nicaragua

Activities change according to the period of the year you will arrive and the time you want to get involved as sea turtles normally arrive at this beach from July to November-December.

Normally, once you arrive at this small fishermen community, you will be introduced to its people and we will go with you in order to discover its beach and mongrove reserve. You will also visit the turtle hatchery and receive a proper sea turtle training course.

Activities include: working at night by patrolling the beach looking for turtles that arrive to lay down their eggs, working in the hatchery, reforesting the reserve, capturing turtles in the water in order to measure them and monitor their life, releasing baby turtles into the sea and sensibilization activities.

Venecia and Padre Ramos' communites have also implemented some touristic activities with the aim of financing sea-turtle rescue. You can also help them to improve this service and raise the quality standard.

Your stay can be from 1 week to 2 months; you will sleep in a simple and clean hostel and you will eat with local families.

Even though there are no required special skills, some knowledge about biology is welcome. You do not need to speak Spanish to take part in this project, but, of course, you will enjoy the experience much more if you can communicate with local people.

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