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Shark Conservation Internship

Organisation: White shark Africa

Country: South Africa

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

White Shark Africa is a world leading, white shark cage diving, filming and shark conservation company. The company is owned by Craig Ferreira and Christo Kruger, two of South Africa's most respected shark men. Craig, is one of the world’s leading authorities on Great White Sharks, has conducted many research world firsts, has appeared in numerous documentaries, has published three books on the Great White Shark and speaks on this species around the world.

Craig was an integral part of the team that successfully had the great white shark declared a protected species in South Africa in 1991, and as operations director for the SA Museum's Shark Research Centre, he and Dr LJV Compagno pioneered many innovative research techniques.                                   

Christo, is a top shark handler, an avid marine conservationist, an experienced skipper and he spearheads operation in Mossel Bay on the Cape South Coast.

White Shark Africa offers an exciting internship program for people interested in sharks, shark research, marine life, conservation and experience working on the ocean. The program is designed to be hands on, allowing students the opportunity to physically work with sharks, collect important data, tag different species of sharks and work within a team. This program should not be missed by any student with an interest in working with sharks on the ocean. The information and experience they can glean from this program is extremely valuable.

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