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Support for businesses in Siem Reap

Organisation: people and places

Country: Cambodia

Type: Humanitarian & Community Development

Support for businesses in Siem Reap
Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in south-east Asia.  However Siem Reap is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and consequently there are many more business opportunities in this town than in other parts of Cambodia.  In many cases businesses are dependent on tourism for survival and rely heavily on foreign management and donations.  However the project we support is run by local people and has a key aim of becoming self-sustainable.
Khmer for Khmer Organisation (KKO) is an NGO founded in 2009 and located in Siem Reap.  Their goal is to help Cambodia return to times of quality education, jobs with liveable wages and communities where people participate in decision-making and development.  With most jobs in Siem Reap going to those with good language skills, KKO gives young adults an English education as well as vocational training, in IT, motorbike mechanics or sewing, in order to set them up for life in the modern world.  On completion of these courses trainees have the skills to get jobs or to start their own businesses.
Our partners in Cambodia also work with other projects in and around Siem Reap focused on developing skills and creating opportunities for local people to take control of their own earning potential.  Like KKO, they welcome volunteer support in areas such as accountancy, proposal writing, sales and marketing.  As a volunteer in this programme, you will be matched to the organisation where your particular skills and experience can best be used.

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