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Field Guide Level 1 Course – The First Step Towards Becoming a Wilderness Expert

Organisation: NATUCATE

Country: South Africa

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Field Guide Level 1 – Course Contents The Field Guide Level I course is suitable for anyone looking for a personal challenge who wants to learn about what it means to be a field guide. The schedule for each day is set by the rhythms of nature: You will set off on the first of your two daily excursions at sunrise. The midday heat is devoted to classes covering the theory of what you experienced in the wilderness in the morning. You will be taught geology, astronomy and meteorology, and will be given an introduction to the historical development process in the region. The units covering the various animal and plant species are important for your practical work as a field guide. One of the areas that your field training will focus on is how to plan and organise group tours in the wilderness. You will be given an insight into the various methods which can be used to orientate yourself and navigate in the wild. You will also learn how to analyse animal behaviour and follow their tracks. At sunset you will set out on another tour of the wilderness for as long as you spent in the classroom. The end of the day will give you time to relax or discuss what you learnt and saw during the day with others. Your accommodation The camps are not fenced in, which gives you an up close and personal experience of the African wilderness and allows you to enjoy the remoteness of your location. You will sleep in two-man tents, where travel partners are free to stay if you wish. All of the camps have shared washing facilities. Common rooms are available for friendly get-togethers. If you end up going to Karongwe, you can sleep outside on a roof terrace. Both camps get their electricity from generators, so you won\’t have that much opportunity to charge any of your devices. The water that you get out of the tap is safe to drink, and you can also buy additional drinks in the camp. Fruit juice is served at mealtimes. Tea and coffee are available at any time. You will be provided with an early morning snack, a hearty brunch, a light afternoon meal and a hot meal in the evening. A laundry service is available in the camps for a small fee. Start dates: 2018 06 May 02 July 07 August 12 August 08 September 04 October 06 October 07 October 2019 04 January 09 January 06 February 24 February 07 April 10 June 10 July 08 August 02 September 06 September 06 October 11 October Facts: Age limit: Minimum age 18 years Duration: 55 days Project location: Karongwe (South Africa), Selati (South Africa), Mashatu (Botswana), Makuleke (South Africa) Accommodation: Two-man tent Language requirements: English (a good level of school English is sufficient) Suitable for: Time off, training sabbatical Certification: Recognised certificate (Field Guide Level 1) after completing the course Services: Assistance with selecting travel insurance Placement in the project Assistance with travel planning English language support provided during the project Projects are led by experienced supervisors Around the clock support for the duration of the project Tent accommodation during projects Food and drink, including tea and coffee excursions two a day Lessons (including registration and examination fees) Fees: 6.000 EUR   (depends on the exchange rate of the South African Rand or US dollar)

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