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Vervet Monkey Foundation Volunteer Program

Organisation: Volunteer World International

Country: South Africa

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Vervet Monkey Foundation Volunteer Program

We are proud to offer our volunteers the opportunity to spend time at one of the largest centres of its type in the world and undertake massively beneficial work geared towards the conservation and preservation of these amazing primates – welcome to the first step towards volunteering with VWI at the Vervet Monkey Foundation(VMF)! 

Founded in 1993, The VMF are a South African Non-Profit Organisation and were one of the first organisations in South Africa to have developed a volunteer program!  The Foundation was initiated by its founders with the purposes of providing sanctuary to non-releaseable Vervets and rehabilitation back into the wild for individuals with the ability to survive be they orphaned, injured, abused, ex-laboratory or unwanted pets growing to such an extent that today, the sanctuary now looks after in excess of 500 animals at any given time!

The work undertaken by volunteers here is invaluable, massively beneficial and hugely appreciated by the staff and primates with whom you work which leads to a real family atmosphere at the program!  All work carried out at the foundation by volunteers is integral to the successful day-to-day running of the centre and essential to the ongoing care of the animals – the VMF have developed strict protocols to ensure maximum chance of release back into the wild for appropriate animals meaning volunteers are guaranteed that volunteering here does indeed have substantial beneficial effects with regards to the ongoing conservation of this amazing species within South Africa.

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    The once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to the rehabilitation and conservation of these amazing primates at one of the worlds most respected and largest sanctuaries of its type, all set to the backdrop of amazing scenery in epic South Africa!

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