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Veterinary Medicine in Tobago

Organisation: V2 Volunteer & Vacation

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Sadly, it is not uncommon to find abused, neglected or abandoned animals in areas affected by poverty, and there are very few organisations dedicated to rescuing these animals.  V2 Volunteers & Vacations has developed partnerships with organisations in Tobago who need extra helping hands to carry out their duties.  You will help by feeding the animals, performing basic health checks on the animals, provide them with affection and company and carry out rescue missions to save abused animals.

If you have been studying veterinary science, you can join us on our veterinary assistant programme and receive invaluable first-hand experience of veterinary practice in the developing world.  Our partner organisation is an Associate Member of the RSPCA working to cure and rehabilitate injured and mistreated animals in Tobago.

Volunteer activities for Veterinary Assistant include:​

  • Assisting Veterinary Surgeon with medical procedures and treatments.
  • Carrying out health checks on animals
  • Conducting minor procedures
  • Rescuing animals

By the end of one of these placements you will have:

  • hands-on experience in the field of animal care and veterinary medicine
  • a better understanding of animal care in an international environment and the different regional approaches to veterinary medicine
  • raised awareness about responsible animal care in the local community
  • helped many local, wonderful animals in need!

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