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Volunteer at a Community-based Sea Turtle Conservation project in Maio Island, Cape Verde

Organisation: Maio Biodiversity Foundation

Country: Cape Verde

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Volunteer at a Community-based Sea Turtle Conservation project in Maio Island, Cape Verde

Volunteers are welcome from June 15th to October 30th 2015, for a minimum stay of 2 weeks, during the loggerhead nesting season in Maio.

Participants have the chance to experience the authentic Cape Verdean lifestyle while patrolling nesting beaches to protect and monitor sea turtles and nests.

Volunteers are hosted with local families during their stay in the project and will be immersed in the simple life of the coastal village of Maio.

Background Information
Cape Verde is the third most important nesting site for the loggerhead sea turtles in the world. Around 500 females come to nest every year in Maio.

The project aims to protect the sea turtles with active participation of the local community. The strategy is to establish conservation teams in the 11 coastal villages of the island and involve the local community by generating turtle-friendly jobs (turtle guards, guides for turtle tours, host families for volunteers), volunteer opportunities for local youth, educational programs specifically developed for the different community groups and awareness campaigns around the island.

Participants are expected to help in all aspects of the conservation work, which includes: night patrols and day surveys for turtle and nest protection and monitoring, data collection and awareness raising activities in the communities. 

We are recruiting:
– Community Volunteers for homestay program in the coastal communities. You will live with a local family in a small village in Maio while patrolling turtle nesting beaches and engaging the locals to do the same. Candidates should be willing to live and work under little supervising in an isolated village and be comfortable with simple living, basic condition and language barrier. (self-funded position)

– Office Volunteers for helping the coordination team in the project's headquarters, located in the island capital called Porto Inglês. You will experience closely the joys and the challenges of a running a conservation program in Africa. Candidates must speak at least basic Portuguese or Spanish.(self-funded position)

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