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Volunteer in an Animal Sanctuary Project in the Amazon

Organisation: EcuaSwiss Foundation

Country: Ecuador

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Volunteer in an Animal Sanctuary Project in the Amazon

The Animal Sanctuary is located only 45 minutes from Puyo at the entrance of the Ecuadorian Amazon. You will help the Center to take care of, feed and rehabilite captive animals (rescued from the Black Market) back into the Wild. The money you’ll pay to volunteer with the Center is for lodging, for community projects and for maintenance of the facilities. Thanks to you, we can increase our ability to save more animals and educate the local community to care about Nature.

Volunteer Work Ecuador Animal Rescue Center

Volunteer Activities in the Sanctuary :
– Take Care of Rescued Animals
– Sensitize the Children of the Community to Ecology
– Construction Projects
– Agriculture Projects

The minimum time on the project is 1 week.

For 1 week – 125 $US
For 2 weeks – 200 $US
For 3 weeks – 275 $US
By Month – 350 $US

We ask you to pay a deposit of 50 CHF to reserve your space, the rest will be paid directly in the project.

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