Volunteer in Spain

Country: Spain,
Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation,

Help spread environmental messages in several villages of the Costa Blanca region through performance and workshops with the locals.

Concordia is a not-for-profit charity promoting intercultural understanding, international peace & volunteer opportunities.

Work: First, the participants will prepare a street theatre with clear environmental message, adding their own creative performances (dance, music, joggling, singing...). They will be sharing ideas and creating a really spectacular extravaganza in each village they visit along the way. Then head off on our caravan with our donkeys! We will stop at each village and perform our shows and workshops which we have prepared. The local people can then share their thoughts of environmentalism, donkeys and the workshops we are doing. We hope we will stay in each village we perform in, with tents, and meet lots of interesting people along the way. The video of past year’s Donkey Caravan can be seen here:

Accommodation: provided in tents to share within participants, in the farm itself, with toilet area, hot water, and sport-recreation areas. You need to bring your own sleeping bag and a mattress. Food will be prepared for volunteers. Conditions may improve and there is a chance to stay in barracks rather than in tents.

Why we recommend it: Are you a keen artist or performer? This project is perfect for those with dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, painting. Take part in this artistical performance and send a strong environmental message. Jump on the caravan and visit several villages of Costa Blanca region.


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