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Volunteer in Thailand with Elephants, Bears and Wildlife

Organisation: Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers

Country: Thailand

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Volunteer in Thailand with Elephants, Bears and Wildlife

These demanding yet rewarding projects are based at a large wildlife sanctuary located near Tha Yang in central Thailand. The sanctuary rescues wildlife and domesticated animals that have been mistreated, neglected or exploited for human work or entertainment and provides them with care and rehabilitation. The centre also campaigns against animal cruelty and the exploitation of wild animals for pets or entertainment.

As a volunteer with our Thai Elephant Sanctuary Project you will work closely with the resident elephants to provide them with daily care. You will get to know each of the elephants through this amazing experience, as you feed them, clean their enclosures and take them to waterholes to bathe or through walks in the forest.

Volunteers with our Thai Resident Bear Care Project provide daily care for the sanctuary’s resident Sun Bears and Asiatic Black Bears. Many of the bears are in permanent care due to ongoing health issues and disabilities. Volunteers make a difference to the lives of these bears through compassionate care and providing daily enrichment.

Volunteers with our Thai Wildlife Rehabilitation and Care Project provide care for the remaining 400 animals protected at the sanctuary, including primates, civets, leopard cats and exotic birds. Some of the animals are able to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild. Those that can’t are provided with a permanent home at the sanctuary. This project is strictly ‘hands off’ as the animals are provided with an environment as close to their natural environment as possible.

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