Volunteer in Turkey

Country: Turkey,
Type: Manual work / Construction,
Organisation: Concordia

Learn the unique construction technique of the area makes Akseki world famous and volunteer to preserve the village for the locals and tourist.

Concordia is a not-for-profit charity promoting intercultural understanding, international peace & volunteer opportunities.

Work: Volunteers will clear the scrub and bushes on paths. Way marking, route-clearing, garbage-collection along the walking route.

Accommodation: In a school dormitory in the town.

Food: Will be supplied at the site.

Location: Akseki is a small and historical town on the Southwest of Turkey. The camp site is safe and secure.

Meeting Point: The project will start in Istanbul with a compulsory orientation meeting that all volunteers should attend on 22nd of July at 18.00. The group will travel together to the camp site by a coach on the same evening. Therefore all volunteers should be present at the orientation meeting; otherwise you will miss the group departure and will have to make your own way to the camp site which is rather difficult. The journey to the camp site takes 12 hours and one way costs 25 Euro. The departure from the camp site is on the 5th of August after breakfast. 

Why we recommend: Joining in this camp will make you feel living in the old times. As the altitude of the location is quite high you will also watch a clear sky almost every night. It is great opportunity for those interested in learning about buttoned houses technique and to help preserve the village for the locals and tourist. 


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