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Path of Bio-Diversity

Organisation: Saphichay

Country: Peru

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development

Our project seeks to support and preserve food & agricultural sovereignty as well as native seed varieties & identity. Food and farming are fundamental components of Andean culture as it is directly connected to the health and wellbeing of the whole community. The planting and cultivation of seeds and foods sustain cultural traditions such as stories, dances, music and celebrations, which struggle to survive.

This project aims to engage all community members of a Quechua community Quilcas outside of Huancayo located in the Central Andes. By actively sharing ancestral knowledge through these bio-cultural preservation tours participating families get to share their knowledge and practices on agricultural and cultural conservation which in turn educates other farmers, national tourists and international agronomists to the importance of native famer’s role in keeping the ecological balance.

Saphichay hopes to have dependable volunteers who can help create and teach workshops to the community. What they will specifically doing depends on the time of year but the workshops will cover a broad amount of topics from making and building products from this plans and crops grown natively t how to cook these foods. Research and experiments may be required to create the workshops.

The volunteers will also need to write blog post and instructions on how to perform the workshops in both English and Spanish. This requires the volunteers be fluent Spanish speakers upon arrival.

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  • Path of Bio-Diversity

    This project specifically aims to assist in making traditional farming economically viable for the Quilcas community. The project will focus on taking their already existing practices and raw products and seeds and giving it an added value element providing another source of economic empowerment; this encourages the transmission of indigenous agricultural and medicinal knowledge to their own youth and to visitors.

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