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Volunteer Vacations with PrimatesPeru

Organisation: PrimatesPeru

Country: Peru

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Volunteer Vacations with PrimatesPeru

Dates: We accept groups three times of the year – Season I (February – April), Season II (June and July), and Season III (October and November).

Seasons I and III are not in our peak research seasons – since we work with primates, their reproductive cycles and the weather dictate the timing of the majority of our work. However, we are available for groups to book special trips at these times.

Costs to Volunteer:

Season 1 – 7 day trip -$1250 per person

Season II – 5 day trip – $750 per person

Season III – 7 day trip – $1250 per person

*Fees for Seasons I and III are slightly more expensive as this is our off-season. 

Project Activities:

  • Medium to long hikes in the rainforest to monitor feeding stations while observing the wildlife 
  • 2-3 hour long stakeouts, to unobtrusively watch wildlife 
  • Night hikes in the forest, for amphibian and invertebrate life (with no mosquitoes!)
  • Stream mapping –  using a GPS to record the path of the stream
  • Tree identification and tagging
  • Short-term observations of the habituated primate groups at the site
  • Monitoring of camera-traps and the cataloguing of images from them – anything from pumas and jaguars to rabbits and deer!
  • Some non-research related activities include:
  • a trip to the top of the 60 m high tower at the site
  • visiting ox-bow lakes to view giant otters and anacondas (if we’re lucky!)

Other Projects by this Organisation

  • Research Assistantships for PrimatesPeru

    Research assistantships are long-term, training opportunities for students with a strong interest to live and work in the Amazon rainforest, or to pursue advanced degrees or research in this region. These programs are filled on the basis of participant qualifications, and as such, require an application process. Applicants will become well-versed in the particular skills relevant to their projects, with opportunities to participate in publications after completion of their time in the field. All research assistantships are volunteerships, and thus, unpaid.

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  • Course: Tropical Field Biology and Primatology

    A one-of-a-kind field course in tropical biology, with a focus on primatology. Students can take the course for credit through their own university. The majority of funds go to the Amazon Conservation Association which protects over 360,000 acres of Amazon rainforest. Biodiversity surveys conducted as a part of the course contribute to the field station's own databases. Students will become comfortable in the forest, on and off-trail, learn to observe animals, identify a variety of wildlife using markings and vocalisations, and learn about conservation efforts in the area.

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  • Volunteer Vacations with PrimatesPeru

    The PrimatesPeru Volunteer Vacation program offers a unique window into the Amazon rainforest, and the science behind the research conducted there. You need no training or background to experience the Amazon, and we welcome you to join our team to work with us to help document life in this most wild of worlds. By joining this program, you will contribute directly to the conservation of a highly threatened rainforest ecosystem, assist with research projects monitoring the biodiversity and stability of populations at the site, and witness the incredible diversity of wildlife in the Amazon rainforest.

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