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Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Sal Island, Cape Verde

Organisation: Project Biodiversity

Country: Cape Verde

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Sal Island, Cape Verde

For the last 10 years, both international volunteers and members of the local community have worked tirelessly to ensure the protection of the female turtles – by patrolling the beaches nightly throughout the nesting season, educating members of the community about turtle conservation, and working with the government to improve regulations.

We only take a limited number of volunteers each season and we are looking for people who want to do something really worthwhile during their free time and who are prepared for some challenging, but very fulfilling work. Volunteers are a critical part of our turtle protection team with their enthusiasm and energy helping us to save many turtles.

The project encompasses patrolling beaches (night and morning) to monitor nesting and deter hunting, data collection, research, working with tourists and local businesses, operation of hatcheries and releasing baby turtles, education and outreach activities and beach clean-ups. The work is undertaken by local and international field assistants and volunteers. Although there is a wide scope of activities within the project, protection of nesting turtles continues to be the main focus and this can be stressful and tiring, but ultimately highly rewarding.

Volunteers are based in field camps with rest periods in apartments in Santa Maria. Volunteers work six days each week and will have 1 day/night off to explore the island, enjoy diving, surfing and other water sports, or just lay on the beach and relax!

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