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Volunteering at a Permaculture Community in Cyprus

Organisation: GROL Garden

Country: Cyprus

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation

GROL Garden is a Community working towards sustainability by growing some of our own food in an integrated systems. We are located in the Northern part of Cyprus. Our Property is in the center of town, while also being less than 1km from the Sea and a few kilometers from Sandy Beaches- making it a picturesque destination. 

We practice principles that go along with Permaculture, Polyculture, Agroforesty, Biodynamics. We are experimenting with Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture through our Aquaponic System. 

Our Dream towards Sustainability is being Realized with Each Day with the help of the contribution of Volunteers.

We have a Volunteer Work-Exchange Program where we provide food, accommodation, 3x weekly yoga classes, and hands-on learning, in exchange for assistance with farming/gardening activities- Our agreement is 30 working hours a week.

Duties range from animal care, planting, seed germination, watering, weeding, soil preparation, compost tumbling/mixing, etc. We are also working on a variety of projects, which we also offer Volunteers to get involved in. Some of these Projects are aimed at making our farm more enjoyable. While some Projects are aimed at Improving the Local Community: One Example is the Cyprus Bottle Brick Project. 

Although management guide the project and have a basic roadmap for future projects, some of our best ideas originate from volunteer suggestions. Many Volunteers often have great insight and are valuable resource, so we encourage input and idea sharing.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us for more information. 

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