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Volunteering at Altitude Moksha in Himalayas India

Organisation: Altitude Moksha

Country: India

Type: Agriculture & Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Humanitarian & Community Development, Manual work & Construction

Volunteering at Altitude Moksha in Himalayas India

Volunteers Will Experience:

– Permaculture Farming 
– Stargazing
– Work On Largest Rosemary Farm 
– Trekking 
– Yoga & Meditation 
– Earthbag Building 
– Visit Ancient Temple
– Experience the Natural Water from Banyan Tree Roots
– Organic Food in Meals 
– Rudraksh Tree, Pahadi Namak, Rosemary Tea & More… 
We have accommodation for 6-8 volunteers on the farm. Basic accommodation is provided. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own sleeping bags. Hot water is available. Electricity can be erratic at times and there is no internet signal. 

The kitchen is common and we have a common dining area. 

Mostly you would cook on the oak wood fire and eat locally available produce like millet grains, other local vegetables. 

The compound is a walled, well-lit area, amidst oak and pine forests. Experience the purity of nature in this pristine environment. 

Volunteers are welcome to stay for Minimum One Week or Maximum Four Weeks. However, a request to extend the stay may be made depending on the work at hand. 

Volunteers would be offered free accommodation in lieu of the work they do at the farm. Food needs to be paid for by the volunteers. The usual cost of basic nutritious vegetarian food is about $7 USD/Day. 

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  • Volunteering at Altitude Moksha in Himalayas India

    We at Altitude Moksha have been working towards educating farmers of Dhar region to grow herbs and exotic vegetables which would help them earn better than the usual crops of rice, wheat and millets out of the small land holdings they hold and thus become self-reliant. Altitude Moksha has been instrumental in introducing concepts of permaculture in the region. This is the first of its kind endeavour in North India. In addition, we have also been helping the farmers build low-cost water storage facilities out of earthbags.

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