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Volunteers wanted for an exciting Cocoa Agroforestry project in Sierra Leone

Organisation: Cacao Elegguá

Country: Sierra Leone

Type: Agriculture & Forestry

Volunteers wanted for an exciting Cocoa Agroforestry project in Sierra Leone

We aim to construct an Eco Farm  including accommodation, construct a pond, a dam and design roads

We are in the process of planting 50 acres of cocoa. A hundred seedlings of Moringa will also be ready to be planted in April.

We're looking for skilled volunteers in the fields of permaculture, architecture and construction. We're also looking for a chef/cook!

Volunteer profiles

Agroforestry and permaculture specialists
Agriculturists & people with good agriculture knowledge

  • Knowledge of designing a permaculture/ agroforestry farm.
  • Knowledge of irrigation system especially drip irrigation.
  • Knowledge of pond, dam constriction and swales
  • Excellent Knowledge of farm crop planting, cultivating, and harvesting.
  • Expertise in the use of common hand tools and farm machinery and equipment.
  • Nursery and greenhouse knowledge
  • Knowledge to plan, monitored and scheduled farming activities and performed farming activities such as planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting

Architects and construction workers

Volunteers will participate in the construction of outbuildings for the Cacao Elegguá Eco Farm. You will have the opportunity to participate in many of the construction stages.

Skills required:

  • Engineering & Building
  • Architecture
  • Plumbing & electrical
  • Carpentry


Utilising all of the available foods growing in the farm (manioc, sweet potato, yam, plantain…)
A dynamic and imaginative check/ cook who is interested in taking on the challenge of discovering & using local organic ingredients to learn new recipes and utilise their knowledge to create delicious dishes

What we expect

Volunteering hours: 25 to 35 hours a week
We are looking for people who can spend from at least a month with us, working eight hours a day, five days a week.

What we offer

Free accommodation
Free food
Local food, grown on the farm (yam, plantain, cassava, fish).A small participation will be required for food provisions bought for the volunteers.

What’s not included: flight, internal transport, travel health insurance, pocket money.

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