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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Project

Organisation: Ecuador Volunteer

Country: Ecuador

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Project

Imagine falling asleep to the sounds of monkeys in the trees above your head and waking up to the caws of parrots and other exotic birds. Not only is all that a reality at the Wildlife Rescue Center, but you also get to hold and play with these animals and be responsible for nursing them back to health.

Volunteers get the opportunity to work directly in the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for endangered species from the Amazon Rainforest. Learn about the Amazonian Kichwa culture from the indigenous family in charge of the Center. Experience life in the Amazon Rainforest that few get the opportunity to see.

Volunteers are crucial to the wildlife rescue, rehabilitation of these animals and the maintenance of the Center. The Ecuadorian government offers no support for the rehabilitation of these animals and as a result the volunteers are the life-line of the Center. Volunteers not only provide a consistent source of help, but also help to spread awareness of the grave dangers facing the animals of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Through this experience, volunteers can learn and better understand the root of the problems and share their stories with a passion that encourages others to join our cause of reducing the trade and mistreatment of wild animals.

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