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Wildlife Rescue Volunteering, Learning Spanish, Yoga & Surfing in Costa Rica

Organisation: WorkingAbroad Projects

Country: Costa Rica

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation, Manual work & Construction

Wildlife Rescue Volunteering, Learning Spanish, Yoga & Surfing in Costa Rica

About the Project
This Wildlife Rescue centre rescues injured and abandoned animals with the aim of returning them to the wild as soon as they are fit and able. For those who can no longer fend for themselves in the wild, we make them as comfortable as possible and hope that their presence will help to educate others of the dangers these precious animals face and what we can do to live more harmoniously with them in nature.

Volunteers are welcome all year round to help at the centre with the animals and also in the community.

You can join for 2 weeks up to 12 weeks in duration.  Volunteers work 4-8 hours each day, allowing time off for Spanish lessons, Yoga or Surfing or just relaxing.   Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Feeding and enclosure maintenance for the animals
  • Gardening and grounds maintenance
  • Building enclosures
  • Social media and graphic design work
  • Sign painting
  • Educational programmes at the centre and in local schools
  • Reforestation projects
  • Beach cleanups

Volunteers will be assigned to tasks according to their own specialised skills when possible.  Volunteering also comes with waterfall hikes, tidal pools, and beach outings around the Nicoya Peninsula.

Please note that this is a rescue center, not a petting zoo.

While the idea of being up close and personal with wild animals is exciting, we require our volunteers to be fully dedicated to the rehabilitation and safety of every animal in our custody.  We receive many hurt animals that are beyond saving, despite our best efforts. This can be heartbreaking work.  We expect each volunteer to be fully committed to the causes which we represent.  The goal for all of our animals is release.  We've released howlers, capuchins, anteaters, deer, kinkajous, coatis, skunks, opossums, squirrels, and many more.

Special note: All decisions regarding animals are strictly for their welfare.  Since our aim is to release all animals as soon as possible, human contact will be limited to the bare minimum. Consistency of care reduces stress on recovering wildlife. This means that in the rare cases that volunteers must come in contact with the animals themselves, priority will be given to longer term volunteers who have been trained for such situations. As a volunteer, do not expect to touch animals at all unless it becomes necessary. It's not about us. It's about saving and conserving wildlife.

About the Centre
Nestled in the foothills of the Cabo Blanco National Park in Costa Rica is where you’ll find this Wildlife Rescue Centre – the hidden gem of the Nicoya Peninsula.  Immersed in incredible natural beauty, this centre is the Costa Rican getaway you’ve always dreamed of.  Whether gazing upon jungle views from our gorgeous yoga deck, enjoying the ocean views from the infinity pool, or looking up at White-faced and Howler monkeys that grace our property on a daily basis, the centre is here to re-energize, reinvigorate and re-awaken the inner you.

Spanish lessons
Our Spanish immersion programme will allow you the opportunity to practice with locals whilst improving your learning in a fun and supportive environment. Whether it’s your first time learning Spanish or the culmination of a lifelong dream, this is an unparalleled place to study Spanish! “Ticos” (what Costa Ricans call themselves), famous for their hospitality and Pura Vida ways, are also well known for their “clean” and understandable accent compared to most Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish courses can be combined with volunteering.

All students will receive nearly 2 hours of applied learning along with nearly 2 hours of classroom instruction (Monday-Friday).

Applied learning is where you will put your new knowledge to the test on a daily basis, reinforcing what you’ve already learned.  This could mean a board game, a scavenger hunt or a walk to the waterfall with your instructor.  Quite often during your afternoon session you will have the opportunity to use your newly found language skills with Cabuya locals in a fun hands-on experience.

Yoga Classes

During your time with us in Costa Rica, you will fall gently into the flow of the class, not having to slow down for newcomers from day to day. You will get to know our instructors' next moves before they make them and our instructors will get to know your strengths and weaknesses so that together, you can take your practice to the next level. We often have other yoga instructors take our programmes and leave proclaiming that it was the best yoga class they've ever taken.

Our classes are Hatha Vinyasa, are held in a studio surrounded by nature, and are within earshot of the jungle sounds of singing birds and howling monkeys. We are open for all levels, teach in English, and space is limited to 15 people in order to keep classes intimate.

We have mats and props available for use and all levels of proficiency are welcome.  Yoga lessons are 90 minutes per day, Monday to Friday.

Yoga Classes can be combined with volunteering.

Surfing Lessons

Costa Rica is known to have some of the most consistent waves in the world. With its diverse topography and coastal winds, there are waves for every surfer. Add to that the year round heat and warm ocean and there is never a bad time to pick up a board and head to the beach.

The areas of Cabuya, Montezuma, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa provide all sorts of breaks to choose from. Most of our classes revolve around Montezuma's Playa Grande, but if the group improves enough, our instructors will bring you to some other breaks in the area. Generally each class will last 1 hour and 50 minutes, but that may depend on your endurance as surfing is a rigorous and, often times, tiring sport. Either way you'll find 1 hour and 50 minutes to be more than enough to be ripping in no time. Lessons are done 4 days a week, with Wednesdays off for waterfall hikes, or other adventures

Surfing Lessons can be combined with volunteering.

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