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Your Volunteer Adventure – Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

Organisation: NATUCATE

Country: South Africa

Type: Environment & Wildlife Conservation

This animal protection project involves conservation of the wilderness and protection of endangered wild animals such as cheetahs, rhinoceros, African wild dogs, elephants, lions and leopards. A typical day starts in the early hours of the morning. Accompanied by the other volunteers and an experienced supervisor, you will set off before sunrise seated on the back of in an open off-road vehicle to watch the animals. In order to locate them various gadgets, such as tracking collars, are used. You will learn how to monitor these gadgets and so be able to work more independently. Once the animals have been located, the sighting and the behaviour and food patterns of the animals will be recorded and documented for research purposes. You will return to camp late in the morning and have time to relax as you wish. In the late afternoon it is time for the second trip into the bush. On returning to camp shortly after sunset, the next thing on the agenda is preparing supper and the day finally draws to a close around the camp fire. One day per week is reserved exclusively for data entry and analysis in the camp. In addition to the activities listed above you may also be involved in checking camera traps, carrying out game counts, bird-watching, photographing animals, removing non-endemic plant species or marking accompanying the professional staff to mark certain animals such as rhinoceros for data collection and research purposes. These activities will depend on the length of your stay, the season and necessity. Your accommodation Depending on the length of your stay, you will be housed in one or more camps in the various wildlife reserves. The project works in four different reserves, each with its own type of vegetation and animal species. If you are only staying two weeks, you will work in just one reserve. If you are staying eight weeks, then you will get to know all four. You will share accommodation with the other volunteers, at a research camp within the reserve. There is electricity, warm water and toilets. You will be supplied with everything except towels and mosquito nets. You can use the internet in the office once a week. Depending on the area mobile phone reception can be limited. The communal kitchen is well equipped with an oven, microwave, a hob and a solar cooker and contains everything you might need for cooking. You can prepare your meals here, together with the other international volunteers. If tastes differ or you suffer from food intolerances, you can of course cook on your own. The coordinators who live at the research camp with the volunteers, will make a trip to the supermarket (once a week or every fortnight) to purchase the food required. Age limit: Minimum age 18 years Start date: 2019: 03.01. | 14.01. | 28.01. | 11.02. | 25.02. | 11.03. | 25.03. | 08.04. | 22.04. | 06.05. | 20.05. | 03.06. | 17.06. | 01.07. | 15.07. | 29.07. | 12.08. | 26.08. | 09.09. | 23.09. | 07.10. | 21.10. | 04.11. | 18.11. | 02.12. 2020: 13.01. | 27.01. | 10.02. | 24.02. | 09.03. | 23.03. | 06.04. | 20.04. | 04.05. | 18.05. | 01.06. | 15.06. | 29.06. | 13.07. | 27.07. | 10.08. | 24.08. | 07.09. | 21.09. | 05.10. | 19.10. | 02.11. | 16.11. | 30.11. | 14.12. | 28.12. Duration: 2-12 weeks Project location: Zululand/South Africa Accommodation: Permanent two-man tents with bathroom Language requirements: English (a good level of school English is sufficient) Suitable for: volunteer work, sabbatical, internship Certification: upon request Fees: Price for two weeks        1.425 EUR Price for four weeks       2.225 EUR Price for six weeks         2.975 EUR Price for eight weeks      3.775 EUR Price for ten weeks         4.500 EUR Price for twelve weeks    5.200 EUR Services: Placement in the project Assistance with travel arrangements Assistance with selecting travel insurance Assistance with booking flights Pre-departure information pack Accommodation during the project All meals during the project – volunteers help to cook English-speaking support by long-term experienced staff 24/7-support throughout the project

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