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Fitness coaching volunteering MaldivesGroup Fitness/Zumba Instructor
The perfect volunteering opportunity for anyone who has experience with Aerobics, group fitness classes and/or Zumba, we are in need of passionate fitness instructors to run a female aerobics and Zumba programme. Fitness volunteers who come to Naifaru can expect to find a fully equipped aerobics centre where women of the island go to daily aerobics sessions. Join together with the community as an aerobics instructor and you will be very warmly received by the women in your classes. Guaranteed!

As Naifaru is an isolated and conservative community, one goal of the programme is to empower local women to be more active in society. The aerobics programme is one way to break the daily routine and offer an alternative to a life of household chores. Normally the aerobics classes are run by local volunteers who are very enthusiastic and determined. However, they are untrained and relatively inexperienced. By joining our team of volunteers, you would not only mean a great deal in the life of the women of the island, but by training local volunteers, you are sure to leave a lasting impression!

Project available year round

General Sports Instructor
Sports coaching volunteer MaldivesAre you a sports enthusiast who enjoys coaching and working with children and youth? Then this volunteering programme is for you!

As a sports volunteer on Naifaru, you will have a great opportunity to work closely together with children and youth in a number of sports including; Football/soccer, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, swimming and athletics. This project welcomes volunteers who can work specifically with one or more of these sports as well as enthusiasts who can apply their skills across the board. One of the goals of this programme is to increase the variety and quality of our physical education offers in our local schools as well as increasing awareness about the importance of doing sports, and the benefits it can have to a small community! As a sports volunteer you will also be able to assist in establishing tournaments and cups provided your stay here is long enough, as well as working alongside other volunteers to develop new sports programmes and secure funding – the sky truly is the limit to your tasks and responsibilities!

Project unavailable in November, December and January

Swimming Instructor
Swimming coaching volunteers MaldivesAre you an experienced swimmer with a passion for teaching and does working with young people and children in a local community on a remote tropical island sound appealing? If so, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain a truly extraordinary experience working to help to improve the swimming skills of the islands women and children.

The aim of this programme is to improve women and children’s swimming skills and general safety awareness for ocean swimming, through regular swimming lessons aided by Volunteers. As a volunteer swimming instructor you will also help with coaching lessons. By joining this programme you will work closely with several organisations in the community as well as teachers, school administration staff, parents and other volunteers. Your tasks will range from planning and implementing swimming lessons with the local school and the parents to developing coaching plans for promising swimmers.

Project unavailable in July

Volleyball coaching Maldives

Volleyball Instructor
Join a team of dedicated volunteers from all over the world. Help the local community by coaching youth and children to improve and develop their continued passion for Volleyball! The programme allows you to develop coaching plans for our teams and assist in establishing volleyball tournaments. The project offers volleyball training to people of all ages and both men and women are keen to play. As such you will be able to work across a broad spectre of ages and skill-levels.

Being the most popular sport on the Island, volleyball receives a lot of attention by the local community. This means that as our volleyball instructor you will also be able to work closely with several representatives from the community as well as school staff, parents, other volunteers and local enthusiasts. Being a volleyball instructor is a unique chance to give something to the Naifaru community which is certain to leave a lasting impression!

Project unavailable in November and December

Football Instructor
Football coaching volunteer MaldivesAs a volunteer football instructor, you will be given the opportunity to spend your days coaching football, and your spare time enjoying everything the Maldives has to offer. The football programme has previously been hugely successful as football is one of the most popular sports in the Maldives. As such, there has always been a great appreciation of the work volunteers have been doing to benefit the local community and football volunteers are always held in high regard with the young people of the island.

In this programme you will be tasked with planning and implementing football coaching activities in local schools (primary and secondary). As a volunteer you will get to work closely with the school administration, teachers, other volunteers, and parents to develop coaching plans suitable for local students. You may also conduct after-school enrichment sessions for the community.

Project unavailable from June to September

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