More about our Teaching Volunteering Programme in The Maldives

Art lessons in MaldivesArt Teacher
As a volunteer arts teacher, you will be given the opportunity to work closely with our community as parents, school administration, and teachers and be involved with planning and implementing the curricula for your classes. In the Naifaru community there are three pre-schools, two community schools, and one private school. The schools cater to children from grade 1 through 12. Needless to say, there are a range of different levels available for you as an art teacher volunteer! As a volunteer you can take your pick among these schools, and you will have the opportunity to truly make a difference in the community.

This project also strives to maintain close ties between our various volunteers and the community. As such, volunteering means that you will also be able to participate in the other projects on the programme. As an art teacher there will be ample opportunities to help other volunteers with projects such as developing exhibitions and creating materials to use in various awareness campaigns.

Project unavailable from October to December

Pre-school teacher in MaldivesPre-school Teacher
On Naifaru island there are three pre-schools, so there is always a need for qualified teachers! This project works closely with the schools in the community to supply them with eager volunteers to help with teaching. The goal of this programme is to establish a close tie between volunteers and the school administrations, teachers and the children’s parents to secure that the Island's young receive the best possible education and training.

Pre-school teaching volunteers can expect to enter into a strong cooperation between staff, the schools, and parents, to work out curricula and a teaching schedule. This is to make sure that all volunteers are well-integrated in the children’s learning process. Apart from the daily teaching, pre-school volunteers will also arrange excursions and public events with the children. These events are limited only by the imagination of the teaching team! Volunteers will find that the children on the island have a basic / good command of English and are generally eager to learn.

Project unavailable in July, November and December

Computer teaching MaldivesComputer Instructor
As a computer instructor, you can expect to find a community that uses computers and IT technology to an increasing degree. To meet this development, this programme seeks to educate the community in the use of computers to equip them with the knowledge needed in an increasingly computerised world. The focus is mainly on children and youths, but the project also offers services to all members of our community where needed. As a volunteer computer instructor, most of your work will take place at a fully equipped ICT centre where the island’s youth come to use computers. However, as the project also works closely with the various schools throughout the island, expect to work hand in hand with teachers and parents both at the office and at the schools.

Your tasks as a computer instructor span from planning and organizing curricula for different age groups to teaching youth, children and government officials in a range of software and applications. The subjects taught will vary from training in MS Office software to internet security and website building, as well as any other specialised training you may be able to offer, for example in graphic design software such as Adobe packages or AutoCAD. There are likely to be more areas on which to concentrate your attention, and you will be given the opportunity to discuss and implement your own ideas as you go along.

Project unavailable from July to October

Maldives teaching volunteerTeaching Assistant
In the Naifaru community there are three pre-schools, two community schools, and one private school. The schools cater to children from grade 1 through 12. Needless to say, there are a range of different levels available for you as a volunteer!

As there are children of all ages on the island the range of subjects on offer and their level differ quite a bit. Depending on your level of experience you can work in teaching assistant positions for subjects such as English, art, math, biology, chemistry, and/or physics. Of course, the scope of your tasks and your responsibilities will reflect your experience and skills. The programme also focuses on including you in the entire process of planning of classes with other teachers, school administration and parents. This offers you a great opportunity to experience a local Maldivian community and get an insider view of life in the Maldives!

Project unavailable from October to December, Minimum stay of 3 weeks

Music Teacher
Music teaching volunteer MaldivesIn the Maldives, you will find that music is very important in society. Whether it be traditional ‘boduberu’ (rhythmic, concussion-based music played in groups), Hindi-inspired music or modern day pop, you will find that people, especially youth are very engaged in playing and learning. Apart from traditional music, there is a cultural closeness with northern India, which has led to the integration of Hindi music in the local tastes. As a music teacher volunteer, you will get a broader insight into this cultural exchange.

On this island of roughly 5000 people there are three pre-schools, two community schools and a private school. The schools offer classes from grade 1 through 12. The community is happy to welcome teaching volunteers with a variety of skills, and there are a number of options to choose from. Whether teaching music to young children in their early stages, or working with adolescents on improving their already acquired skills, your help will be very much appreciated.

The island's schools have different facilities for music teaching depending on the size of the school and the childrens age. At secondary level you will find that there are a number of instruments at your disposal, whilst the pre-schools will have limited equipment available. As a volunteer in this programme, you will work closely with school staff, parents and other dedicated volunteers. You will also be a part of the process of planning and implementing the childrens’ curricula as well as doing ongoing evaluations.

Project unavailable in November and December

Please note that when volunteering at a school there is a dress code for volunteers. Both men and women need to wear formal clothes; for men, long pants (not jeans) and a button up shirt are expected, while women should wear long pants (better yet is a long skirt) and shirts with a high neckline and sleeves that come to at least the elbows, preferably long sleeves (t-shirts are not accepted).

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